Wizard of Oz Festival - Chesterton

The Wizard of Oz festival located in Chesterton, Indiana.

this year's festival is September 14-16

the theme is 'which witch are you'

official website


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Asker oz-obsessed Asks:
I went to the Oz Fest this past September for the first time and LOVED it! Can't wait to go back!
oz-festival-chesterton oz-festival-chesterton Said:

:D We can’t wait to have you back!

Asker oz-obsessed Asks:
How do we win the awesome Dorothy of Oz cards? By reblogging you?
oz-festival-chesterton oz-festival-chesterton Said:

oops, I’m sorry, the inbox isn’t working, but yes.

Reblog it up to 5 times and 2 likes if that’s possible. :D

We’re looking at new souvenirs for this year!

So far it looks like we will be adding coffee mugs to our incoming items for purchase this year!

They will be ceramic and have the logo on them.

We also have the possibility for ponchos. They will be lime green (like our t-shirt this year) and will also have the logo.

I recently adopted a new kitten that has left me incredibly tired and busy with her needs of food, health, and constant attempts to play with me.

But I am here! I have a few things to post, too!

Dorothy of Oz / Wizard of Oz Festival Giveaway~!

As people know, The Wizard of Oz Festival in Chesterton, Indiana has some decently strong ties with the Dorothy of Oz movie and book. We are happily giving away THREE sets of Dorothy of Oz cards and an exclusive Dorothy of Oz comic books.

These are official from the people who created the movie, and collectibles from the Festival itself.

If you have any questions about the products go ahead and ask.


- You MUST be following this blog to enter and win. - We will be checking.
- You can only reblog five times and you have two likes.
- You must have your ask open in order for us to contact you if you win.
- We will ship worldwide.

The end of the contest is on August 14th at midnight.


Behind the scenes at the Oz festival 2011! 

We have a lot of fun

In picture: Haley (Glinda), Zach (Scarecrow), Kristen (Dorothy), Pete (Tin Man)


(via Welcome - www.ozfestivalchesterton.com)

Our official logo this year!

There are some surprises that I can’t quite reveal, but they’re returning with even more glee than last year!

Last year, as some do not know, they were here taking auditions for a special guest line in the movie. They had a great time here and are thrilled and eager to return even bigger and better than last year.

This is the official tumblr of the Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival in Chesterton, Indiana.

This blog is run by the daughter of the executive director of the festival, so all questions can be answered in detail here if not through the email found on the official website.

This will be updated with information when we get it and when we can release it. ;)